Physical and Chemical Changes

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Physical and Chemical Changes by Mind Map: Physical and Chemical Changes

1. Physical Change

1.1. Indications of physical change

1.1.1. Change in state Gas Liquid Solid

1.1.2. Change in texture

1.1.3. Change in appearance color change (sometimes) Shape change

1.2. Can be reversed

1.3. Temperature Dependence

1.3.1. Relates to phase changes DOES NOT PRODUCE IT"S OWN HEAT Temperature decreases Gas to liquid to solid Molecules become more structured Molecules move slower Temperatures increase Solid to liquid to gas Molecules become less structured Molecules move faster

2. Conservation of Mass

2.1. Mass cannot be created or destroyed

2.1.1. Physical change (molecules just rearranged)

2.1.2. Chemical Change some molecules used for new substance

3. Chemical Change

3.1. Indications of Chemical Change

3.1.1. Change in color

3.1.2. Heat production

3.1.3. change in odor

3.1.4. Fizzing

3.1.5. Foaming

3.1.6. light production

3.1.7. Sound production

3.2. Can not be reversed

3.3. New substance created

3.4. Temperature Dependence

3.4.1. Higher the temperature Molecules move more Molecules rearrange easier