Mobile Technology

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Mobile Technology by Mind Map: Mobile Technology

1. Music

1.1. Spotify

2. Personal

2.1. Communication

2.1.1. Phone calls

2.1.2. Text messages

2.2. Convenient Transportation

2.2.1. Uber Basically a cab hailing system which reduces time.

2.2.2. Grab Popular in Singapore!

2.3. Ordering Food online

2.3.1. Days when you are in the rush and need to grab a quick bite from your house. Uber eats Deliveroo

2.4. Online booking made convenient

2.4.1. With mobile tech making reservations and bookings are now much easier. Movie tickets booking can be done via the cinemas webpage. Airplane bookings such as Qantas can be done on their web or you can do it through Skyscanner. Skyscanner Google Flights Food reservation Eatigo

2.4.2. Chope Make reservation online & get discounts

2.5. Movies/Series

2.5.1. Netflix

2.5.2. Afdah

2.6. Health

2.6.1. Mobile tech is also able to keep track of your health. My Fitness pal Headspace Sleep Cycle Happify

3. Educational

3.1. Increase Knowledge

3.1.1. Lose it

3.1.2. Scholarly articles Proquest Google Scholar One search

3.1.3. Educational apps Quizlet Photomath Course hero Study blue Ted Mathaway

3.2. Search & Discovery

3.2.1. Google search engine

3.2.2. Pinterest

3.3. Language

3.3.1. Google Translator

3.3.2. Grammerly

3.3.3. Duolingo Learn new language

3.4. Productivity & Organisation

3.4.1. My study life Its a timetable scheduler app

3.4.2. One note

3.4.3. Blackboard

4. Social uses

4.1. In Australia alone there are 18 million social media users -Cowling, 2018

4.1.1. Using Facebook

4.1.2. Twitter

4.1.3. Instagram

4.1.4. Youtube

4.1.5. Linkedin

4.1.6. Snapchat

4.1.7. Vlive

4.1.8. Google Plus

4.1.9. Skype Connects people from overseas.

4.2. Social media allows us to be interconnected and updates us often on what is going on in peoples life.

5. Professional uses

5.1. News

5.1.1. Google news

5.1.2. Yahoo!

5.1.3. Huffington Post

5.1.4. CNN

5.1.5. New York Times

5.1.6. Fox News

5.2. Email

5.2.1. With Mobile Tech we are now able to reply emails via phones. Highly convenient. Increases response rate. Gmail

5.3. Trading stock apps

5.3.1. For people who invest, they can now keep track of stocks at every minute which helps them to keep track of their stocks easily and capture the right timing to purchase it. Bloomberg The Economist Forbes Magazine