Victoria Tent City Decision

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Victoria Tent City Decision by Mind Map: Victoria Tent City Decision

1. Case took three years, to the day

2. A lot of new constitutions, such as South Africa's, include positive rights such as the right to housing

3. Bernie Pauley: Refused to provide a checklist of what should be done to address acute and immediate homelessness in the short term, saying that we need to work with homeless people to respond to the suggestions and ideas that they have

3.1. I really like this answer

4. Homelessness as a choice

4.1. Homeless Needs Survey in Victoria in 2007: 97% of respondents, when asked if they wanted a permanent home, said 'yes'.

4.2. It may be a choice amongst a very limited set of choices.

5. Ben Berger: These legal decisions do not have a big effect in themselves but open up an opportunity for society to act.

5.1. Constitutions decide little of interest, it's how we use those documents that is essential

6. BC Civil Liberties Association intervened in this case

7. Transitional housing available for women who are in an abusive relationship is not generally available for the homeless.