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Prepositions by Mind Map: Prepositions

1. IN

1.1. unspecivic time

1.1.1. in the morning

1.1.2. in August

1.1.3. in a while

1.2. indicating a location

1.2.1. she looked me in the eyes

1.2.2. I'm currently in the hotel

1.2.3. I'm from Warsaw, it's in Poland

1.3. indicating shape, colour

1.3.1. This painting is mostly in blue

1.3.2. They stood in a circle

1.3.3. It comes in 4 different sizes

1.4. indicating opinions

1.4.1. I believe in the afterlife

1.4.2. We are intrested in Veganism

2. ON

2.1. specifying dates

2.1.1. We play tennis on Fridays

2.1.2. I was born on the 24th day of March

2.2. expresing the surface

2.2.1. The paper is on my desk

2.2.2. I put an egg on the kitchen table

2.3. indicating a machine

2.3.1. He's on the phone right now

2.3.2. "Pretty Woman" will be on TV tonight

2.4. indicating body parts

2.4.1. she kissed me on my cheek

2.4.2. I wear a watch on my left hand

2.4.3. He has a scar on his legt leg

2.5. indicating a state

2.5.1. This house is on fire

2.5.2. It's on sale

3. AT

3.1. specific time

3.1.1. I will meet you at 9 am

3.1.2. The train is leaving at 10:45 pm

3.2. indicating a place

3.2.1. The party is at my house

3.2.2. There were hundreds of people at the concert

3.2.3. I'm at the Centrum station

3.3. indicating activity

3.3.1. He laughed at my joke

3.3.2. I'm good at singing