Marketing Campaign Plan

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Marketing Campaign Plan by Mind Map: Marketing Campaign Plan

1. Strategic Aims

1.1. To Question Buying Habits

1.2. To Change Consumer mindset to a customizing mindset.

1.3. To Create a Provocation


2.1. 4/3/19

2.2. 26/4/19

3. To Question Buying Habits

3.1. Cost Per Wear

3.1.1. Is cost per wear part of your cost of living???

3.1.2. We are trapped in Cost per wear Endless cycle of spending Play into Brexit uncertainties and financial concerns The need to free ourselves from cost per wear in the form of a provocation True luxury is to have what you need, when you need it

3.2. Buying outfits to only wear once

3.3. Hierachy

3.3.1. Make consumers care more about value than trend The notion of timelessness/ classics Embrace 'timelessness'

3.3.2. Prioritising Value so you buy better and are less trend led

3.4. Want to focus on Instagram

3.4.1. Scrolling down a page- the unseen cost of each outfit

4. To Change Consumer mindset to a customizing and keeping mindset.

4.1. Focus on longevity of garments

4.1.1. Buying less, but better

4.2. Customization

4.2.1. The new way to keep up with trends

4.3. Notion of Timelessness

4.3.1. Timeless is the new trend

4.4. Encouraging Sewing

4.4.1. Make do and mend

4.4.2. Sewing to be more widely taught

4.4.3. Customizing your own clothes trend The beauty in having something that is truly unique and no one else has

5. To Create a provocation

5.1. Being emotive with the audience to make them take action

5.1.1. Feelings of entrapment within cost per wear Everytime you wear something, you are paying

5.2. With fast fashion, everyone looks the same!!! We are all wearing the same clothes

5.2.1. We are CLONES

5.2.2. True Beauty is to have something truly unique That no one else has The only way we can achieve this is through customization or making clothes yourself Return to values of the war- traditional values