Cyberbullying: Kaitlyn Nutley

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Cyberbullying: Kaitlyn Nutley by Mind Map: Cyberbullying:            Kaitlyn Nutley

1. Definition

1.1. The use of internet and other technology to communicate through bullying

1.1.1. Cyberbullying (for Parents) - KidsHealth

2. Prevention

2.1. How to Prevent Cyberbullying -

2.2. Who To Call – Cybersmile

3. Consequences

3.1. Legal action can be taken, School suspension and repercussions, parental and other adult figures may get involved to prevent such acts

3.1.1. How Does Cyberbullying Affect Your Child? Learn about the actions that can be taken legally, understand that the feeling of being 'cool' does not get anyone farther than showing kindness.

4. Responses

4.1. The Science of Kindness

4.1.1. “Kindness is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – The Apocryphal Twain

4.1.2. Kindness creates a sense of unity, spreading love rather than hate only shows true character.

5. Lesson

5.1. What is cyberbullying? #StopCyberBullying

5.1.1. A Bully Apologizes To Her Victim 15 Years Later Learn about the effects that bullying has, despite the time change. Learn from the bully, as they try to find themselves whilst taking it out on others.