Group Dynamics

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Group Dynamics by Mind Map: Group Dynamics

1. group behavior

1.1. includes the individual's perception of reality, as well as interactions taking place, both consciously and unconsciously between all

2. systems theory

2.1. circular casualty

2.1.1. group members behavior is simultaneously moving in all directions at once

2.1.2. not influenced by one action but rather ongoing mutually influencing processes

2.2. was designed to make sense of the way all living creatures organize themselves and act in predictable patterns

3. systematic behavior

3.1. the interactive patterns and subsystems of a group

3.2. group coalitions

3.2.1. all groups organize themselves into smaller units with certain boundaries within the group

3.2.2. members will align themselves with allies according to their shared values and what is in their best interest

3.2.3. people tend to be drawn to others who are like them

4. individual behavior

4.1. influenced by what others are doing and by significant others in the outside world as well as person's family of origin

4.2. people re-create same patterns and behaviors that have been established as templates from their earlier years

4.2.1. social microcosm extended reality from what their use to in the outside world

5. therapeutic opportunities

5.1. group environment can be use to produce and corrective emotional experience

5.1.1. expose the group member to emotional stimulation that they could not handle in the past healing the wounds

5.1.2. group must be safe and supportive enough so true emotions can be expressed must be engagement and feedback between group members individuals can use this opportunity to try new behaviors and work through destructive patterns

6. parataxis distortion

6.1. tendency to see others through past experiences and who we expect them to be rather than for who they are