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The Game by Mind Map: The Game

1. Collectibles

1.1. the story of the red and white dragon

1.2. Items of Gruffydd's past

2. Flow

2.1. Tutorial: Fighting in Prison

2.2. Scene 1: Leaves Jail

2.3. Scene 2: Seek Refuge in Motel with a close friend

2.4. Scene 3: Walks alone in dark forest and has flash backs of when Gruffydd was a child

3. functions

3.1. Level Up

3.2. Eats Hearts of his enemies to heal or gain XP

3.3. Attack

3.3.1. Sword Slash Parry

3.4. Defend

3.4.1. Shield Bash Block Parry

4. Story

4.1. english attack wales

4.2. Straight story

4.3. King gruffydd's life from after the prison sentence

4.4. His Death was brutal and Gorey, he was dismembered and spread across Wales

4.5. as a child, Gruffydd see's his father get beheaded by an english soilder while the king of england sends all of the remaining survivors to prison

5. characters

5.1. Gruffydd ap Llewellyn

5.1.1. Prince of Wales

5.1.2. he liked keeping to himself because of what he saw as a child

5.1.3. gruffydd ap macsen, llewellyn's brother

5.1.4. Main Protagonist

5.2. Blacksmith Einion

5.2.1. Buff body but soft heart

5.2.2. Made Gruffydd's first sword

5.2.3. Keeps his soft side hidden

5.3. Healer Hans

5.3.1. Gruffydd's childhood bully

5.3.2. Regrets on how he treated Gruffydd

5.3.3. Try's to be friends with Gruffydd but gets rejected

5.4. Tailor Alun

5.4.1. Bossy bitch no-one likes

5.4.2. Treats everyone else like shit

5.4.3. King bootlicker

5.5. Wife Ealdgyth

5.5.1. Wife of Gruffydd

5.5.2. Marries Gruffydd when he establishes rebellion

5.5.3. Backstabs Gruffydd (literally) at the end [PLOT TWIST], then goes marry King Harold

5.6. King Harold Godwinson

5.6.1. Main Antagonist

5.6.2. King of England

5.6.3. Leader of the England Army invading Wales

6. game names

6.1. Prince of Wales

7. Locations

7.1. Wales

8. Time

8.1. Set in 1039-1063 AD