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Observation by Mind Map: Observation

1. Examples

1.1. pilot observing landing strip

1.2. being a referee

1.3. judging performances

1.4. Sailer using the stars as a map

1.5. Watching the security cameras to get evidence

1.6. A bird caller/ watcher

1.7. A photographer

2. Definitions

2.1. Using your five senses

2.2. looking at things

2.3. the action or process of closely observing or monitoring something or someone.

2.4. to actively notice changes in surroundings

2.5. Aware of space

3. Non examples

3.1. Asleep

3.2. not thinking

3.3. Dissolution

3.4. Coma

3.5. Stroke

3.6. Dysfunctional

4. Facts / Characteristics

4.1. looking closer

4.2. things aren't what they seem

4.3. Observation is contact with the world through the use of the senses.

4.4. The trained observer sees significant details.

4.5. Observation can help put two pieces to a puzzle

4.6. Attention plays an important part in observation