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television by Mind Map: television

1. did u often watch TV when u were a kid?

1.1. VER 1

1.1.1. parent sat me down in front of the telly and turned on some....

1.1.2. didn't have cable TV

1.2. VER 2

1.2.1. used to be a couch potato => took an avid interest in (watching) various ( TV shows)

2. do you often watch TV recently?

2.1. VER 1

2.1.1. have TV set, cable subscription and all, but dont watch the box all that much

2.1.2. still watch from time to time is...which is...

2.1.3. all the rage => get high viewership

2.2. VER 2

2.2.1. hectic=> up to my ears with work=> dont watch TV much

2.2.2. enjoy... to unwind, recharge batteries, ect

3. favourite kind of shows

3.1. VER 1

3.1.1. i'm a fan's particularly fastinacing

3.1.2. broaden knowledge, a wealth of knowledge,....

3.2. VER 2

3.2.1. an avid fan of... => expand knowledge, obtain real experience=> great sense of intensity and excitement