Internet and cosmology in China

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Internet and cosmology in China by Mind Map: Internet and cosmology in China

1. Caza de Productos Real Life

2. Cosmology

2.1. Daoism - Cosmological

2.1.1. "Dao stands for the supreme order of things (...), Dao is present in everything and in every being (...) Dao is not a particular object nor is the principle of a specific genre of objects; it is present in every being, yet escapes all objetification"

2.1.2. Interconnectedness

2.1.3. 道

2.1.4. In this energetic view of the world, beings are joined together in a cosmic order which communicates through a conciousness common to them all, and techniques concerns the ability to skilfully bring something together that resonates with this cosmic order. Fluidity 流 Selflesness

2.1.5. 器

2.2. Confucianism - Moral

2.2.1. Mandate of Heaven

2.2.2. Filial piety Selflesness and Devoidance of individuality According to the article i saw in south china post, is more about an identity of private individuality, or scalar individuality, concerned in a low level family structure instead of high level government one. Familiar structure as base of society 孝

3. Internet

3.1. Web Companies

3.1.1. Alibaba Ali Cloud Services Big Data Taobao Product Search Camera Seller / Shop Recommender system Ding Ding Employee Tracking Appointment Check-in Calendar Face ID ZhiFuBao Mobile Payments

3.1.2. Tencent Wechat Chat Mobile Payment Blogging Booking Services Health Appointments Mini Apps Meituan Ejercito de WaiMai Drivers (delivers food, which contains and brings Qi to our bodies) Mobike Big Data Gaming Business The real moneymaker but not gonna get in details

3.1.3. WeiboShijie DouYin Interface

3.1.4. YY Streamer Freelancers Entrepeneur Farmer Streaming Companies Streamers a sueldo

3.1.5. Didi Chuxing Particular car rides and Cab Rides

4. Real Space

4.1. Resource Exploitation

4.2. Retail

4.2.1. Creation of Retail Locations

4.2.2. Vending Machines

4.2.3. Informal vendors / art students selling clothes

4.3. Industry

4.3.1. Creation

4.3.2. Optimization

4.4. City

4.4.1. Public Space Public Vendors Street Artists / Public Performers

4.4.2. Urbanization Construction of Infrastructure and facilities

5. Government

5.1. Transport

5.1.1. Mobility Plane / Train Construction Regulation

5.1.2. Traffic Mobility Improvement Traffic lights with time regulated by traffic data flow, data as a medium of an entangled organism

5.2. GreatFirewall

5.2.1. Development of the digital environment not despite the censorship, but because of it

5.3. Social Credit Score

5.3.1. Social Credit Score is a combination of the principles of abidance by the law, rightful manner of Confucianism with our metadata existence, which creates an assesable, calculable model of Confucian values

6. Organism

6.1. Un ser vivo u organismo es un conjunto material de organización compleja, en la que intervienen sistemas de comunicación molecular que lo relacionan internamente y con el medio ambiente en un intercambio de materia y energía de una forma ordenada, teniendo la capacidad de desempeñar las funciones básicas de la vida que son la nutrición, la relación y la reproducción, de tal manera que los seres vivos funcionan por sí mismos sin perder su nivel estructural hasta su muerte.