American Revolution

American Revolution Map_ Alyssa, Matthew E., Cole, Natallie US History 8-5

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American Revolution by Mind Map: American Revolution

1. Taxiations and Restrictions

1.1. Stamp Act of 1765~ All legal documents such as diplomas, contracts, newspapers, and even playing cards and books were being taxed by parliment.

1.2. Tea Act- 1773~ Colonists had to buy tea only from England

1.3. Townshed Act-1776~ Colonists were being taxed on imports such as glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea. British troops searched houses for "illegal" goods.


2. Government and Laws

2.1. 1760-King George III ascends to the throne of England

2.2. March 18, 1766-Stamp Act repealed, but on the same day parliament passes the Declaratory Act asserting its right to make laws binding on the colonies.

2.3. September 5, 1774-First Continental Congress

3. Reactions of Colonists

3.1. December,16 1773- Boston Tea Party


3.3. September 5, 1774- First Continental Congress

3.4. July 2, 1776- American Independence

4. Violence

4.1. October 1768:British troops arrive to enforce laws in Boston (using violence if needed)

4.1.1. 1780: Charleston is attacked by the British

4.2. March 1770: British troops shoot four workers stationed in Boston