Sampled Media (Recap) + Digital Video

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Sampled Media (Recap) + Digital Video by Mind Map: Sampled Media (Recap) +  Digital Video

1. Sampled Media

1.1. Media is sampled (captured)

1.1.1. Analogue ADC Numbers

1.1.2. Digital Numbers Binary

1.2. Sheer computational power

1.2.1. Ghz per second 1 billion cycles per second

1.3. Numerical

1.3.1. Binary numbers 1 or 0 Presence or absence of *electricity*

1.3.2. Decimal Natural to us

1.3.3. Hexadecimal 0 to F RGB

1.3.4. Most importantly It can be transformed with mathematics and programming Dense Space

1.4. So it can be transformed...

1.4.1. Moving media around Cut and paste

1.4.2. Applying transformations to media Apply an effect

1.4.3. Integrates media Layers or tracks Which require project files

2. Digital Video

2.1. Typical video aspect ratios

2.2. Deconstructing a video

2.2.1. The pixel, the hertz, the frames per second

2.2.2. Exporting individual frames

2.2.3. Export the audio

2.3. Compression

2.3.1. There is always compression

3. Computational thinking

3.1. Dense Space project

4. Computer media

4.1. Vector images

4.2. MIDI

4.3. 3D models