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Division and Reunion The Civil War in America's Story by Mind Map: Division and Reunion The Civil War in America's Story
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Division and Reunion The Civil War in America's Story

Could the United States have been talked off “the edge of the precipice”?

Differences between N & S

Secession arguments

The Decade of Decisions

Why the Civil War? from historians

What is the Civil War story of _________________?

Soldier life

Life on the Home Front

Civil War prisoners

US Colored Troops


How do we view Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln's Life and Legend

Emancipation Proclamation

Expanding Presidential Power

Lincoln's speeches


Northern vs. Southern viewpoint

Did the Union win or did the Confederacy lose the Civil War?

Major battles and events

Resources of each side


Home front production


Turning Points in the War

Was Reconstruction good, bad, or ugly?

Short term impact of the war

Reconstruction Plans

Reconstruction Amendments

Freedmen and Reconstruction

Radical Reconstruction

Growth of KKK and Jim Crow

End of Reconstruction

Is the Civil War valuable to study?

Impact today

Remembering the Civil War

Differing views - N and S

The Civil War and Wisconsin

The Confederate Flag controversey

The Civil War Sesquicentennial

What role does slavery play in America's story?

Origins of slavery in America

The growth of slavery in America

Slave life in antebellum America

Resistance to slavery

Justifications for slavery

The Abolition Movement

The impact of slavery today

How do we tell the story of slavery and the Civil War - and what does the story say?

Slave Narratives







Newspapers and Journals