The levels of Organization

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The levels of Organization by Mind Map: The levels of Organization

1. Atoms

1.1. Smallest unit of matter

1.2. Cars are made of atoms

1.2.1. Atoms contain a dense nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons

2. Molecule

2.1. molecules have different shapes

2.2. a perfect diamond

3. Macro molecule

3.1. Macromolecules are lipid or fatty acids

3.2. proteins composed of amino acids

3.2.1. Nylon composed of polyamides

4. Organelles

5. Cells

5.1. All living things are made of cells

5.2. Cells are the basic unit of function and structure in all living things.

5.3. All cells come from preexisting cells

6. Tissues

6.1. There is muscle tissue

6.2. There is nervous tissue

6.3. There is epithelial tissue

7. Organs

7.1. Organs are made up of different types of tissues

7.2. Organs store some vitamins and minerals

7.3. Organs help in red blood cell destruction

8. Organ system

8.1. There is the respiratory system

8.2. There is the cardiovascular system

8.3. There are 11 major systems in the body

9. Organism

9.1. A person is an organism

9.2. There are 3 types of organisms

9.3. One organism is called microorganism