Levels of Organization

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Levels of Organization by Mind Map: Levels of Organization

1. atom

1.1. smallest unit of matter

1.1.1. takes up space and matter basic atom is made up of three things

2. molecule

2.1. make up cells

2.1.1. H20 is water and oxygen more than one element bond together

3. marcromolecule

3.1. proteins

3.1.1. carbohydrates are made up of macromolecule very large molecule

4. organelles

4.1. specialized cell structure

4.1.1. surrounded by internial mambranes seen in the light or electron microscope

5. cells

5.1. all living things are made of cells

5.1.1. cells make new cells basic unit of structure and function

6. tissue

6.1. many of the same cells

6.1.1. ,make up organs skin

7. organs

7.1. function the body

7.1.1. human have 5 vertical organs the brain controls the other organs

8. organsytem

8.1. respitory sytem

8.1.1. contains important organs hollow organs

9. organism

9.1. humans

9.1.1. made from all cells synonym to ''Life Form';