Levels of living organization

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Levels of living organization by Mind Map: Levels of living organization

1. Organism

1.1. There are a lot of other levels within the organism level.

1.2. living organisms is the combination of such body systems

1.3. can be made up of just 1 cell.

2. Organ system

2.1. a organ system is where a lot of organs work together.

2.2. deals with organs

2.3. is an important part for organs

3. Organs

3.1. There is a organ level of organization.

3.2. This level stores some vitamins and minerals.

3.3. This level also stores glyogyn

4. tissue

4.1. there is a tissue level of organization

4.2. There are tissue cells as well

4.3. There are muscle tissue, nervous tissue, and epithelial tissue.

5. cells

5.1. cells are made of leves

5.2. all living things are made of cells

5.3. cells are the basic unit of structure and function to living things.

6. organelles

6.1. are nucleus

6.2. are cell membrane

6.3. is a specialized cellular structure

7. Macromolecule

7.1. Macromolecule are in the chemical level of organization.

7.2. is a very large molecule

7.3. they are composed of thousands of atoms or more.

8. Molecule

8.1. there are lipid of fat molecules

8.2. Molecules are in the chemical level of organization.

8.3. molecules can have different shapes

9. Atom

9.1. Atoms are the smallest unit of matter

9.2. a dog, chair, and chair are all made of atoms

9.3. atoms are extremely small