Levels of Organization for Life

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Levels of Organization for Life by Mind Map: Levels of Organization for Life

1. Atoms(1)

1.1. The smallest unit of matter

1.2. Three subatomic particles: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons

1.3. Atoms makes up everything

2. Molecule(2)

2.1. Water or H2O is a molecule

2.2. When more than one element bonded together.

2.3. Molecule are larger chemical groupings

3. Macromolecule(3)

3.1. More than one bonded molecule

3.2. It also bonds with more atoms

3.3. This is also a fat molecule

4. Organelles(4)

4.1. They are bonded macromolecule

4.2. Organelles creates the cell organs

4.3. Tiny organ like thing that are in cells

5. Cells(5)

5.1. Is made up of a nucleus, cytoplasm, and a membane

5.2. Can not live without organelles

5.3. All living things are cells

5.4. All cells come from preexisting cells

6. Tissues(6)

6.1. A group of similar cells

6.2. There are 4 different types of tissue: connective, nervous, muscle, and epithelial tissue

6.3. Surrounded by the matrix or non living enter cellular substances

7. Organs(7)

7.1. Composed of tissue

7.2. Organs work together to perform a specific function

7.3. The liver stores glycogen, helps red blood cell destruction, helps remove toxins, and stores some vitamins and minerals.

8. Organ System(8)

8.1. A group of organs

8.2. Carries certain functions such the respiratory system

8.3. Some more example are your digestive system and your cardiovascular system. There are 9 more levels.

9. Organism(9)

9.1. Composed of multiple organ systems

9.2. Made up of all the other things.

9.3. We are and organisim.