Levels of Living Organization

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Levels of Living Organization by Mind Map: Levels of Living Organization

1. Atom

1.1. center of the atom is nucleus

1.2. cells are made up of many atoms

1.3. smallest unit of matter

2. Molecule

2.1. when more then one element bonds together

2.2. famous molecule is H2o

2.3. cells bond together to make these

3. Macromolecule

3.1. example is a Lipid or fat molecule

3.2. large molecule

3.3. composed of thousands of atoms or more

4. Organelles

5. Cells

5.1. everything is made of cells

5.1.1. everything in the world has cells no matter what

5.2. cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things

5.2.1. building blocks of life

5.3. all cells come from preexisting cells

5.3.1. cells make new cells and so on

6. Tissues

6.1. group of similar sells

6.2. cells duplicate to form tissue

6.2.1. meaning they double

6.3. come together to form organs

7. Organs

7.1. work together to form the organ system

7.2. two or more organs come together to form a function in your body

7.3. helps in red blood cell destruction

8. Organ system

8.1. comprised of organs

8.2. preform more complex types of functions

8.3. 11 major systems in the bofy

9. Organism