Levels of organization for Finnlee

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Levels of organization for Finnlee by Mind Map: Levels of organization for Finnlee

1. Atoms

1.1. smallest unit of matter

1.2. anything that has matter

1.3. anything that takes up space

2. Molecule

2.1. when more than one element bonds togeter

3. Macromolecule

3.1. more than one bonded molecule

4. organelles

4.1. bonded macromolecules creating the cells organs

5. Cells

5.1. made up of organelles

6. Tissues

6.1. a group of similar cells

7. Organs

7.1. compose of tissues that make up your organs

8. Organsystem

8.1. carries certain functions that make up your systems such as your respiratory system.

9. Organism

9.1. a human

9.2. a dog

9.3. any living thing