Levels of Organization for Life

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Levels of Organization for Life by Mind Map: Levels of Organization for Life

1. MacroMolecule

1.1. A macromolecule is a molecule with a large amount of atoms.

1.2. A macromolecule molecule is up to 1000 times greater in diameter that the molecules of most substances.

1.3. Natural and synthetic polymers have macromolecules.

2. Organelles

2.1. Organelles are made up of chemical groupings.

2.2. Organelles cannot live out of cells.

2.3. Cells cannot survive without organelles.

3. Cells

3.1. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things.

3.2. All cells come from preexisting cells.

3.3. Cells cannot survive without organelles.

4. Tissues

4.1. Tissues all perform a different function.

4.2. There are 4 main types of tissue in the body- connective tissue, muscle tissue, epithelial tissue, and nervous tissue.

4.3. Tissues are a group of similar cells that have developed from the same impart of the umbriel.

5. Organs

5.1. Organs are made up of different kinds of tissues.

5.2. All organs perform different functions in the body.

5.3. The liver, heart, and the lungs are all organs.

6. Organ System

6.1. The organs in the system work together to create better stuff in the body.

6.2. 11 Major systems in the body.

6.3. You could not live without the Organ system, they all work together to keep you alive.

7. Organism

7.1. The organism is made up of all the levels of organization of life.

7.2. Organisms can be made up of just one cell.

7.3. All organisms are biotic.

8. Molecule

8.1. Molecules combine to form MacroMolecules.

8.2. Molecules are large chemical groupings

8.3. Molecules are all different shapes.

9. Atom

9.1. Smallest unit of matter.

9.2. Make up every living thing in the universe

9.3. When put together, they form molecules.