Levels of organization for life

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Levels of organization for life by Mind Map: Levels of organization for life

1. Macromolecules

1.1. *Come together to form organelles *Ex. lipids *Usually made of 1000 atoms or more

2. Molecules

2.1. *Combine together to form macromolecules. *When more than one element forms together. *Water is a molecule

3. Organelles

3.1. *Tiny organ like structures inside of a cell. *Can not live outside of cells *Ex. vacuoles, Ribosomes, and mitochondria.

4. cells

4.1. *Smallest units that have characteristics of life *The human body has about 100 trillion cells *They are the basic units of structure of all living things

5. Tissues

5.1. *Similar cells that have the same job *Four major types of tissue in the body: Muscle, epithelial, Nervous, and connective tissue. *Bone tissue, lung tissue, stomach tissue.

6. Atoms

6.1. *Makes up everything in the universe! *They bond together to form molecules. *Smallest unit of matter

7. Organ level

7.1. *Made up of different kinds of tissues *Organs are made up of tissue *Ex. heart

8. Organ systems

8.1. *11 major systems in the body *Two or more organs must come together to make organ system

9. Organism

9.1. *Unicellular, multicellular, microorganisms. *Ex. humans *A living thing.