The Mindset For Success (Bulldog Mindset)

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The Mindset For Success (Bulldog Mindset) by Mind Map: The Mindset For Success (Bulldog Mindset)

1. You will not like what I have to say

1.1. I will give you hard truths

1.2. I will kick your ass

1.3. You must face reality

2. Not the victim mindset

2.1. Take responsiblity

2.2. Don't blame people

2.3. Don't blame circumstances

2.4. Don't think what is wrong

2.4.1. Think what can I do?

2.4.2. Find what is right

2.4.3. What is, is what is best

3. There is no perfect answer

3.1. No one can tell you exactly what to do

3.2. You must think for yourself

3.3. You must take risks

3.3.1. Be willing to fail

3.3.2. Be focused on learning

3.3.3. Take calculated risks

3.3.4. Unbounded upsides

3.4. Model success

4. You must work hard

4.1. No room for laziness

4.2. There is no magic pill

4.3. I can not do it for you

4.4. An inch wide, a mile deep