Tracking the circulation of information in the Culper Spy Ring

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Tracking the circulation of information in the Culper Spy Ring by Mind Map: Tracking the circulation of information in the  Culper Spy Ring

1. This process took quite a while and this was an issue Washington constantly complained about

2. Information spread from the Sound to Setaukut to New York City and back again

3. Abraham Woodhull

3.1. Culper Sr.

3.2. Was Replaced by Robert Townsend

3.3. Was extremely fearful of getting caught because of the punishments inflicted on spies presented to the public

3.4. Owned a farm near Anna Strong on the Sound of Long Island

4. Robert Townsend

4.1. Owned a dry goods store and partnered in coffee house where British soldiers often visited

4.2. Believed to be a loyalist to the outside world but was secretly a Patriot

4.3. Given the code name Culper Jr

5. Austin Roe

5.1. Owned a tavern in Setauket: 55 miles from New York City

5.1.1. This gave him the perfect excuse to travel back and forth from Setauket to New York City to pick up supplies

6. Caleb Brewster

6.1. Stationed in Connecticut across the sound of Long Island

6.2. Wasn't an official member of the Culper Spy Ring but carried messages and information for the Culper Ring

6.3. Personality: Brave, wasn't afraid of being caught, was given the code name 725 but he never used it, signed with his full name out of confidence

7. George Washington

7.1. George Washington hired Benjamin Tallmadge to organize this entire ring so that information would be transmitted back to him

7.1.1. The information that was provided helped Washington plan sneak attacks and prevent knowledge about British arms go unrecognized

8. Anna Strong (Nancy)

8.1. Often times posed as Woodhull's wife as he was traveling to rid suspicions of outside onlookers

8.2. Lives on a farm on the Long Island Sound that was within sight of Woodhulls farm

8.3. Hung a black petticoat as a visual sign to show that a sailor was in place and handkerchiefs to show which cove he was waiting on

9. Benjamin Tallmadge

9.1. Tallmadge made sure that the information along the chain was was received by Washington

9.1.1. Was in charge of making sure members of the Culper Spy Ring maintained their secrecy and found new members to maximize the amount of information coming from New York City