studying in Szeged

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studying in Szeged by Mind Map: studying in Szeged

1. main objectives: to attract more and more people to study in Szeged.

1.1. SO:1 to increase the level of students satisfaction, open it on Sundays and see the usage by students

1.1.1. if students are really happy about it, hire some people with high salary to open it on Sundays

1.1.2. At least open it on exam weeks and exam period.

1.2. SO2: make one in Szeged

1.2.1. invite some shops from Japan and have a contract for a couple of years

1.2.2. Just compromise and replace something instead or just go to Budapest

1.3. SO3: some actions need to be taken in order to lessen insecurity of students,

1.3.1. to make a guideline or guidebook based on diseases

1.3.2. current system of the hospital should be changed for the better.

2. core problem: there are some inconveniences which need to be reviewed in Szeged

2.1. TIK is closed on sundays

2.1.1. some people can concentrate on more in TIK than their homes. (efficiency)

2.1.2. Especially before exams, it is very inconvenient that TIK is not open

2.2. There is no Japanese restaurants

2.2.1. i need to go to Budapest to eat sushi

2.2.2. it is even hard to find some fresh fish in Szeged

2.3. it is very problematic when you get sick

2.3.1. it takes too much time to see a doctors

2.3.2. there is no guidance or recommendation of where to go when you are sick or have problems