CROSSING DIVIDES : Do you live in a social bubble?

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CROSSING DIVIDES : Do you live in a social bubble? by Mind Map: CROSSING DIVIDES :         Do you live in a social bubble?

1. Migration & conflicts at borders

1.1. Caravans from Central America: Hope or threat ?

1.1.1. Video: "On the road with the migrant caravan" (Guardian)

1.1.2. Video: "Trump's plan to deter asylum seekers creates a new border crisis" (Vice)

1.2. Building walls: how a President got elected on irrational fears and divided the nation

1.3. What lead to brexit ? What consequences?

1.4. Revived tensions in Ireland: hard border and terrorism

1.4.1. Video: "Brexit explained: what is the problem with the Irish border?" (Channel 4 news)

2. Racism, discrimination & poverty

2.1. Police brutality

2.1.1. Web: "Police brutality in the US" (wikipedia)

2.2. How to overcome prejudices and stereotypes

2.2.1. Movie: "The Hate U give"

2.3. Homophobia & genders. How do transgender people fit in ?

2.3.1. Web: "Transgender women in sport: are they really a threat to female sport?" (BBC sport)

2.3.2. Video: "What gay conversion therapy is really like" (Insider)

2.3.3. Movie: "Boy erased"

2.4. The new ways of feminism

2.4.1. Web: "Meet the teenagers who started a feminist club at their all-boys school" (Washington post)

2.5. Debt burden, especially student loans (a pricey education => inequal access to a dipoma => not being able to climb the social ladder)

2.5.1. Web: "Here's why so many Americans feel cheated by their student loans" (Buzzfeed news)

2.6. A history of racism and how it still shapes society nowadays

2.6.1. Video: "The long painful legacy of Blackface in America" (Vice/HBO)

2.6.2. Web: "Will Smith's casting as Richard Williams sparks colourism debate" (BBC news)

3. Environmental issues & health

3.1. Animal cruelty (for consumption : factory farming... / for entertainment: parks and zoos, captivity...)

3.1.1. Web: "Animal cruelty facts and stats" (the Humane society)

3.1.2. Video: "Animal cruelty commercial WSPA and SPCA"

3.2. Addictions, especially opioid crisis in the US

3.2.1. Video: "How Vancouver is saving addicts' lives" (BBC news)

3.2.2. Video: "The deadly truth of new drugs cocktail" (BBC news)

3.2.3. Video: "The new face of Fentanyl addiction: Kati's story" (CBC news)

3.3. Healthcare system + increasing inequalities and scandals (unaffordable prescription drugs, lobbying...)

3.3.1. Web: "How the US pays 3 times more for drugs" (Scientific American)

3.3.2. Web: "Drug goes from $13.5 a tablet to $750 overnight" (New York Times)

3.4. Mental health awareness

3.5. Global warming

3.5.1. Video: 'Indigenous Peruvians are using satellites and drones to fight deforestation" (Vice news)

4. Justice & crime

4.1. Are prisons really useful? Which social groups are most likely to get jailed? What are the living conditions inside a jail? + the problems of private prisons

4.1.1. Web: "Jailed for stealing grapes: the motives of Japan's elderly inmates" (BBC news)

4.2. Disenfranchisement of prisoners in the US + What is the impact of prison time on former inmates' lives and return to society?

4.3. Child marriage and the legal age of consent

4.3.1. Video: "Why does the US have so many child brides?" (BBC News)

4.3.2. Web: "What are the ages of sexual consent around the world?" (SBS News)

4.4. The death penalty: an inhumane punishment?

4.4.1. Web: "Arguments for and against the death penalty" (Debating Europe)

4.4.2. Web: "Washington State abolishes death penalty" (BBC news)

4.5. A software to prevent crimes from happening : is it reliable?

4.5.1. Web: ""How technology is allowing police to predict where and when crime will happen" (The Independent)

4.5.2. Movie: Minority Report

4.6. Can we stop domestic violence?

4.7. Gun violence and school shootings

4.7.1. Video: "She lost her daughter in Parkland. Now she's fighting for school safety" (Vice News)

4.8. Is our justice system fair?

4.8.1. Web: "The US court system is criminally unjust" (Washington post)

5. New technologies and their impact on society

5.1. Social media and how they change the way we view ourselves and others

5.1.1. Video: "Are you living an insta-lie? Social media vs. reality"

5.2. Bullying made easier, danger of being anonymous or on the contrary leaving indelebile traces of you on the web

5.2.1. Video: "In real life #Be strong"

5.3. Lack of privacy and safety on the web, especially for children and teenagers

5.4. Self-driving cars : how far will they go?

5.4.1. Video: "Ted ED: The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars"

5.5. The Chinese social credit system and constant surveillance

5.5.1. Video: ""China's social credit system keeps a critical eye on everyday behavior" (CBS Evening news)

5.6. Booming video games industry and esports becoming 'real' sports

5.7. Censorship and disinformation (influencing other countries'elections, spreading harmful conspiracy theories : anto-vaxxers, flat-earthers, Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, pizza-gate...)

5.7.1. Video: "Debunking anti-vaxxers" (Asap science)

5.7.2. Video: "Why do people still think the Earth is flat?" (BBC news)