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Star by Mind Map: Star

1. And on that night Simone foster dad was killed by his wife.

2. They girls pulled a win out on Atlanta Next Fest.

3. They girls worked hard to get here to this momnet and they showed out.

4. They were treating Big Trouble wrong but, they didn't back down.

5. The owner of Midtown Sound is Charles Floyd.

6. Big Trouble got signed to a record label called Midtown Sound.

7. Their new manger Mrs.Brown came up with the new name.

8. They got the name after they won a big award.

9. The group started their career and got there name Big Trouble.

10. Star and Hunter end up being a thing but, it didn't last long.

11. Then Star got another gig that was performing for this boy named Hunter Party.

12. The group got there first gig which was performing for old people in a bar.

13. Then Star met up with a girl named Alex so they can begin their career.

14. When Star turned 18 she was determine to find her sister. And she did that.

15. Star and Simone were in foster care after their other passed away.

16. The Group Beginning

17. The First Gig

18. Big Trouble

19. Midtown Sound

20. Atlanta Next Fest