deer hunting

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deer hunting by Mind Map: deer hunting

1. deer hunting is loved throughout america and is one of the most hunted animal

2. deer hunting has fueled many of companies like real tree, mossy oak,Winchester,Remington,and other company's

2.1. Remington is one of the best ever gun company's to ever be made

3. deer hunting company's

4. types of deer

4.1. as you know there are different deer than just whitetail in america and other reigons.

4.1.1. theres blacktail,reindeer,elk,moose,roe,and red deer mostly are the animals are hunted on cold hillside mountains,like moose,elk,sitka,and red deer.

5. different sages of the season

5.1. there are different stages of deer during season

5.1.1. theres the rut (probably best time to hunt) which is normally in october,where deer are wanting to mate with each other so having a doe in the corn pile during the rut is amazing because there might be a buck nearby

6. the different guns

6.1. crossbows are famous but there huge so this company called 'ravin' made a slimmer crossbow but they are expensive

6.1.1. Winchester makes amazing guns bit i think Remington is better because its made in america and they feel good and there cheap shotguns are famous for dog driving and also to shoot short range (5-35 yards away). i own a crossbow and a shotgun. i have a pse fang crossbow and a tristar raptor 20 gauge semi-automatic

7. how to stay still

7.1. its common to shake when you see a deer in the corn pile and its nerve racking

7.1.1. all you have to do to calm down is to breath but not to loud stay calm and lineup the shot and take

8. where to shoot

8.1. how you know where to shoot takes practice

8.1.1. all you need to hit is the lungs which is right behind the shoulder should drop'em in one shot