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Dance by Mind Map: Dance

1. You have cuts a lot of times.

2. If you do good you stay if you don't you get cut.

3. Get and groups and do it full out.

4. You will get your trophy.

5. The judges will announce the winner.

6. After you perform you see what place you are in.

7. Have a lot of good attitude.

8. Use facial expressions.

9. You will perform your dance for judges.

10. Make the dance look good.

11. Do the choreography.

12. You will need to learn the choreography .

13. Makes it easier to do stunts.

14. Helps you be more flexible.

15. Helps you not get cramps or pull a muscle.

16. 1.Stretching

17. 2.Choreography

18. 3.Cuts

19. 4.Performance

20. 5.Award Ceremony