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Supreme by Mind Map: Supreme

1. What is Supreme

1.1. Supreme is a very famous designer brand. It all started in 1994 when it was a skate shop but they sold clothes too but it wasn't as popular as it is now. The person who founded it was James Jebbia.In 2012 is when it started to get popular when they had collaborations that changed everything like the line of tees, shoes and shirts produced with Comme Des Garcons.

2. Collaborations

2.1. My second main point is there collaborations. To start off in 2010 Supreme collabed with Champion and made a windbreaker. In 2015 Supreme collabed with Jordan and made 3 different pairs of retro 5s. In 2017 Supreme finally collabed with Louis Vuitton

3. Clothing

3.1. My first main point is what supreme clothing is for. They have a variety of different clothes to choose from like jackets, shirts, and shoes. Supreme is mostly made to appeal younger people. The type of people that liked it was hip hop, skateboarding, punk rock culture.

4. Who Made It

4.1. My last main point is how it all started. Supreme was founded by James Jebbia. He opened the skate shop in 1994. Little did he know it was going to be a huge streetwear company that it is now.

5. Supreme x Louis Vuitton

5.1. They were not just cosigned they actually collaborated with the brand on a collection of dually branded clothes, accessories, shoes, and more, all of which debuted as part of lv Fall Winter 2017 show in Paris.

6. Links



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