Are Video Games Good Or Bad

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Are Video Games Good Or Bad by Mind Map: Are Video Games Good Or Bad

1. Are They Really that Good For You?

1.1. the make good things such as..

1.2. good characters

1.3. Good storytelling

1.4. Big Open Worlds

2. my opinion

2.1. Video Games Let my do what i want to in my own private world.

2.2. they are a good source of entertainment and story telling all in a game you can interact with.

3. What They Could Do To You

3.1. Things That Video Games Cause

3.1.1. Stress

3.1.2. Depression

3.1.3. Anger

3.2. the also appeal to the male side of gaming

3.2.1. Mostly revolve women as the love interest or damsel in distress.

3.2.2. The also include male characters as some of the protagonists in video games.

4. The Types Of Bad Video Games

4.1. The Origins By ID Software

4.1.1. DOOM created in December 10, 1993

4.1.2. Wolfenstein 3D created in May 5, 1992

4.2. The Today Games Created by Rockstars Studio

4.2.1. GTA 5

4.2.2. RDR2

5. The Types Of Good Games

5.1. The Lego Games

5.2. Mario Games

5.3. just dance Games