Paranormal Activity

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Paranormal Activity by Mind Map: Paranormal Activity

1. Intelligent

1.1. Keeps the same personality that it had while it was a living human

1.2. Can notice and react to changes in the environment

1.3. Likes to change and move objects around

2. Residual

2.1. The spirit won't acknowledge any changes you make in the environment

2.2. Always repeats itself never makes any changes on how it appears

2.3. Can be removed by moving the object that it is getting energy from

3. Poltergeist

3.1. Usually gets energy from pre -teen girls

3.2. This spirit can't be removed

3.3. Likes to manipulate humans

4. Ghost Hunting

4.1. You should NEVER do it alone

4.2. You always have to do your research before hunting

4.3. Most paranormal activity takes place near battlefields, forts, cemeteries, schools and houses, so you should always check in those places.

5. Ghost Hunters

5.1. Craig Nehring is a ghost hunter he is the founder of fox Valley ghost hunters.

5.2. Lyle Noss is a hunter too he is also a part of the Fox Valley ghost hunters.