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fishing by Mind Map: fishing

1. fishing tournaments

1.1. There are a series of fishing tournaments

1.2. Uselessly takes abut 8 hours

1.3. You can get about 10,000/20,000 prize money in the fishing tournaments

2. fishing benefits

2.1. It can help you get some type of muscle throughout the workout

2.2. Encourages the heart to work harder to maintain adequate energy

2.3. Exposing the central core to any fitness greatly increase its strength

3. where the best place to fish

3.1. Malinda,kenya

3.2. Key west,Florida

3.3. Panama

4. 3 types of well known fish

4.1. Bass

4.2. Bream

4.3. Cod

5. Marine fish

5.1. Habitats of the Gulf of Mexico are very diverse

5.2. The reefs and the oyster reefs provide plants and animals there basic needs

5.3. Few general books will be noted that can give more in depth or broader knowledge about marine habitats and their occupant