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Fishing by Mind Map: Fishing

1. Is an activity of trying to catch fish. Fish are normally caught in the wild. Some of the techniques are hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping.

2. Bass are great fish to catch they are fun fish and they fight better than other fish. They can be bigger than other fish if they grow some can even be like 20 pounds. They can be harder to catch then smaller fish like bluegill or panfish.

3. One of Charleston most popular fish is the spottail fish. The fish can be also known as spottail bass, red drum, channel bass, or puppy drum. The spot that it’s name refers to is located is located at the base of it’s channel fin. Scientist believe that this spot fools predators into attacking the tail.

4. Striped bass 63 shellcracker 5-7.5 White bass 5-4.8 redbreast 2-0 Hybrid bass 20-6 warmouth 2-2.5 White perch 1-15.2 white crappie 5-1 Largemouth bass 16-2 black crappie 5-0 Spotted bass 9-7 Smallmouth bass 9-7 Bream 3-4

5. Do you see why i picked fishing now because you can go fishing to have fun or just to clear your mind.

6. This is why i chose this topic i like to fish, i think that it is a fun thing to do when you have nothing to do. Fishing is a sport one day you can be out there for fun and the next you could be fishing a tournament for 100 thousand dollars.