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Football by Mind Map: Football

1. fitness/ condention

1.1. To play football u have to be in shape and u have to know how to play the poison that you are playing.

1.1.1. before you start playing football always stretch out before you do it cause you will catch a cramp drink a lot of water cause that will get you in shape to

2. running back

2.1. To play running back u have to have good feet work and have good burst away speed so the defenders cant catch you.

2.1.1. in my option running back is the best position cause u can run people over and just be free when you on the field they sat in order for you to get faster when you play running back is to run track and that will help

3. team work

3.1. You have to work together as a team to win in football because without the offensive line the quarterback will get sacked.

3.1.1. one person dont make up a team because u need a team to win if everybody play their part you will win and thats called team work

4. quarterback

4.1. in order to play quarterback you would have to have good accuracy

4.1.1. have to have good leadership cause the quarterback is the head of the offensive then you would have to have good eye coronation because the quarterback is the one throwing the ball and you would have to put the ball on Target you are throwing it.

5. offensive line / defensive

5.1. offensive line is the reason why the running back score cause they be opening the hole so the running back can go through

5.1.1. defensive line is why the the quarterback on the other team gets sacked both of those positions are helpful in many different ways