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Baseball by Mind Map: Baseball

1. To play baseball

1.1. To play baseball you have to be athletic and have good hand- eye coronation.

1.2. To play baseball you have to be a team player.

1.2.1. If you are not a good team player baseball is not a good sport for you.

2. Positions

2.1. To play baseball you have to know how to play many positions even if you are not familiar with that position. Some positions in baseball are shortstop, center field, and Cather.

2.2. Shortstop is a position between third base and shortstop is the leader of the infield.

2.2.1. Catcher is the leader of the whole field because he can see everything. The catcher plays a big role on the field.

3. Work as a team

3.1. Another main point to play baseball is you have to play as a team. If you can not play as a team you will not be very successful.

3.2. One way to work together as a team is when you turn a double play. A 6-4-3 double play is when the batter hits a ground ball to shortstop, the shortstop throws it to second and second tags second base, and then throws it to first.

3.2.1. Another way is when you lay down a bunt with runners on base and the runners advance.

4. Pitches

4.1. A pitcher is they player who delivers the baseball to the batter. The pitcher can have all different types of pitches. The three main pitches are fastball, change-up and curve-ball.

4.1.1. There are two types of fastballs, 4-seam and 2-seam. The 4-seam is the most common and when you throw it, it shows 4-seams. A 2-seam has more movement and tails away from the batter. When the pitcher throws it shows 2-seams instead of 4. The curve-ball can be very effective if you throw it right. This pitch brakes away at the last minute to mess with the batters timing. Just be careful when you throw it, if you throw it too much it could mess up your elbow.

5. Hitting

5.1. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest thing to do in all of sports. You have to be able to hit a 70-90 mph fastball and make good contact.

5.1.1. There are different types of bats for different types of leagues.

5.1.2. High school leagues use bats called bbcore.