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Hamsters by Mind Map: Hamsters

1. They are nocturnal

1.1. They usually sleep during the day

1.2. They like to exercise in their hamster wheel at night.

1.3. They usually do things like eat and drink during the night.

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2. They are Friendly

2.1. Hamsters don't normally bite

2.2. they enjoy your company

2.3. They can be very social at times.


3. They are low maintenance

3.1. Hamsters only need their cages once a week.

3.2. You only need to feed them and give them water once a day.

3.3. They don't need as much attention as most animals.

3.4. a

4. There are many different types of hamsters

4.1. There are many different types of hamsters like Chinese, Dwarf and Syrian hamsters

4.2. Chinese hamsters originate from North China.

4.3. Dwarf Hamsters are much smaller then normal hamsters.

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5. Hamsters Need Supplies

5.1. Hamsters need a good bit of supplies like a cage, Wood chips, a water spout, a log etc.

5.2. When you go to the pet store there is normally a starter packet for hamsters

5.3. They need this supplies so they can survive and be happy.