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Baseball by Mind Map: Baseball

1. Hitting

1.1. Hitting is very physical

1.2. Hitting is where you can score runs

1.3. you can also bunt while hitting

2. pitching

2.1. Pitching is physical and mental

2.2. you can also throw different pitches

2.3. The catcher tells you were to pitch it

3. Playing in the field

3.1. playing in the field is mostly mental

3.2. you have to know where to go at all times

3.3. some positions need more running than others

4. Infield

4.1. playing in the in field is mostly mental

4.2. You have to know where to go at all times

4.3. once you get it you have to throw it to the right base

5. Outfield

5.1. mostly mental

5.2. involves more running

5.3. you try to catch the ball in the air