Benefits of drawing

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Benefits of drawing by Mind Map: Benefits of drawing


2. Drawing helps how you feel!

3. Drawing is a great job!

4. Drawing helps the brain!

5. Improves communication!

6. Increases problem solving skills!

7. Drawing can help calm you down and help you relax.

8. It is often used for therapy and stress relief.

9. Drawing can also be a way for you to understand yourself

10. It earns a lot of money

11. Can lead to other jobs like animating.

12. The annual median income for Artist was around $53,430

13. Drawing has been known to increase brain activity.

14. It makes people be creative

15. It also improves memory.





20. Art involves expressing one’s inner thoughts and feelings

21. Using art to break free from personal limitations Is good.

22. Individuals can surpass their weaknesses.

23. Also drawing lets you be less shy.

24. drawing can also instigate the development of critical thinking

25. drawing enables an individual to realize that there can be more than one solution