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Dirt Bikes by Mind Map: Dirt Bikes

1. There are many different types of dirt bikes.

1.1. Theres 2 strokes plus 4 strokes and many more

1.2. You could also get different colors

1.3. Also you could customize the dirt bike like add new wheels,new designs, and engine


2. MotoCross

2.1. MotoCross is cool cause you could see them race or also be in the race.

2.2. They also do cool drifts around the race while they curve.

2.3. They also represent there own state or maybe yours.Or could represent Brands.


3. Tricks

3.1. Dirt Bikes look cool when they do tricks like flips and daring stunts

3.2. They look even cooler when they go through flaming hoops,Big hills, or daring flips.

3.3. It even looks fun when there doing it,or even loos terrifying.


4. They are fun to ride

4.1. They are fun to ride to even when you start try to get one for your size.

4.2. They are fun to ride also you can ride with your friends with makes it funner.

4.3. You could also test your speed and challenge your self.

5. Awesome all weather terrain vehicle

5.1. Dirt Bike are good for riding in mud,sand, and rocky roads.

5.2. Dirt Bikes are made for bad weather.

5.3. They are also in race mud,sand,and big hills to help go faster.