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football by Mind Map: football

1. filed goal

1.1. you can do it after touchdown

1.1.1. you can git 1 point from it you can miss it

2. tackles

2.1. they can injure people

2.1.1. can hart you safe tackle the quarterback

3. touchdown

3.1. you git it by driving down the filed

3.1.1. you can git it by git a 1 down are 2 and 3 down the filed pass it are run it to the touchdown

4. punt

4.1. you punt it if you don't get a first down

4.1.1. you punt it to the opposite team you punt the ball if it a 4 down

5. first down

5.1. you git it after you complete a run are a pass

5.1.1. you can go 1 down 2 down and 3 down and 4 down when you git a 4 down you punt the ball away