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Unit 2 by Mind Map: Unit 2

1. Memos

1.1. -A form of communication that moves within a company or organization and is written in a direct, professional tone.

1.2. -Brief message to get the point across

1.3. -Sent to an individual, small group or organization

1.4. -Printed copy ensures that every gets the message and it is clear

1.5. -Title -Heading- to, from, date, setting -Handwritten Initials -Body -Reference Initials -Attachment/Enclosure

2. Emails

2.1. -You should always revise your emails before you click send

2.2. -Never deliver bad news because it is hard to show emotion through emails

2.3. -You can add a personalized signature at the end of all your emails to make it more professional

2.4. -Never forgot to have a subject

2.5. -There are a few different options for how to send it to people

2.5.1. -Bcc

2.5.2. -Cc

3. Professional Business Letters

3.1. -They are important because it is good to know because we will probably need to write one in our life

3.2. -You would use a business letter when you have good news/information to share because it's hard to show emotion through a letter/writing

3.3. -There are 3 main types

3.3.1. -Personal Business Letter -Date -Inside address -Salutation -3 body paragraphs -Complimentary close -Signature -Return Address -Enclosure (optional)

3.3.2. -Block Style Business Letter -Return address -Date letter was last revised -Inside address -Salutation -3 body paragraphs -Complimentary close -Signature -Sender’s name -Reference initials -Enclosure (optional)

3.3.3. -Modified Block Styles Business Letter -Return address (center aligned) -Date last revised (center aligned) -Inside address -Salutation -3 body paragraphs -Complimentary close (center aligned) -Signature (center aligned) -Sender’s name (center aligned) -Reference initials -Enclosure (optional)

3.4. Always revise on a hard copy to catch any mistakes

4. Mail Merge

4.1. -A fast and easy way to get a bunch of information into any format you want

4.2. -You could use for business cards, shipping labels, etc.

4.3. -Microsoft XL is a lot more reliable when it comes to mail merge than Google

4.4. -There are many extensions and shortcuts you can use to set up a mail merge template online

4.5. -You can buy certain sizes in the store and get sizes of mail merges online so when you print them, it all lines up