Brooks' Article

Evelyn Morales P.3

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Brooks' Article by Mind Map: Brooks' Article

1. Main Idea #1 : What would happen to Henry if he would to go to an "American school"

1.1. Henry goes to an American School

1.2. "By about the third week of nursery school, Henry’s teacher would be sending notes home saying that Henry “had another hard day today.”"

1.3. " By midyear, there’d be sly little hints dropped that maybe Henry’s parents should think about medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. "

2. Main Idea #2: School systems don't treat students equally because they are different.

2.1. The education system isn't a good system

2.2. Quote

2.3. Quote

3. Main Idea #3

3.1. There is a gender gap between boys and girls

3.2. Quote

3.3. Quote

4. Main Idea #4

4.1. Schools have a problem, they've became "culturerally homogeneous"