Levels of Organization for Life

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Levels of Organization for Life by Mind Map: Levels of Organization for Life

1. Cells

1.1. Smallest units that have characteristics of life.

1.2. 100 trillion cells in the human body.

1.3. Cells are basic units of all living things.

2. Organelles

2.1. Organelles- tiny organ like structures inside of a cell.

2.2. Organelles cannot live outside of cells.

2.3. Ex. Vacuoles, ribosome and mitochondria.

3. Macromolecule

3.1. Come together to form organelles.

3.2. Ex. Lipids or fat

3.3. Usually made of 1000 atoms or more.

4. Molecule

4.1. Chemical grouping and molecules can combine with other molecules and more atoms to form macromolecules.

4.2. When more than one element forms together

4.3. Water is a molecule

5. Tissues

5.1. They have to be similar cells and complete the similar job.

5.2. 4 major types in the body; connective, muscle, nervous, and epithelial.

5.3. Bone tissue, lung tissue, and stomach tissue.

6. Organs

6.1. Made up of different kinds of tissue.

6.2. Organs are made up of tissue

6.3. Ex. Heart

7. Organ System

7.1. 11 major systems in the body.

7.2. Two or more organs come together to form a job.

7.3. Example: respiratory and cardiovascular.

8. Organism

9. Atoms

9.1. Makes up everything in the universe.

9.2. They bond together to form molecules.

9.3. Smallest unit of matter.