Hand Therapy

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Hand Therapy by Mind Map: Hand Therapy

1. Psychological Impact

1.1. How does this affect therapeutic outcomes?

1.2. Occupational disruption: How are addressing this in the acute and chronic stage?

1.3. How well are we screening for this?

1.4. Coping mechanisms and adjustments

1.4.1. Education/Protocol for individuals when help isn't around

2. Hand Injuries

2.1. Improving adherence to treatment

2.2. Chronic hand disability

3. Osteoarthritis

3.1. Aging Population

3.2. Education on preventative strategies

3.2.1. Vulnerable joints

3.3. Improving adherence to treatment

3.4. Over Use/repetitive movements

3.5. Joint Protection Techniques

4. WHY?

4.1. Personal Relevance