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DLE by Mind Map: DLE

1. Remotely with learner

2. Create an agile learning environment

3. Provide technology

4. independently

5. Collaborating with multiple learners

6. In a workshop session

7. Collaboration task of EDLS CT

8. pre-workshop skill scanning

9. As icebreaker

10. creative introduction to IT

11. a digital workbook

12. In group activities

12.1. syndicate work

12.1.1. work in pairs

13. Using in conjunction with offline activity

14. In partnership with VC facilities

15. Supplementary evidence for assessment

16. monitoring progress

17. To collaborate on a shared topic

17.1. This would be great for Task 2 EDLS controlled task

18. Post workshop re-enforcement

19. 1:1 session with a learner

20. Outside session support

20.1. Learner led version of a classroom based presentation

21. pre workshop planning

21.1. introduction calls

22. A centralised location for resources

23. Saving content from workshops for future reference - screen shot collaborations

24. Encourage collaboration

25. Checking knowledge after teaching

26. sharing good practice

27. Simple submission of work

28. Planning

29. Bite

30. Pre-workshop learning so all learners starting at same point

31. Brainstorming to identify current level of knowledge to build on rather than starting from a base point

32. after lunch activity during a workshop

33. A more dynamic learning experience

34. supporting all aspects of learning

35. Learners to plan assignments and integrate tech into own evidence

36. Peer support via social media or a collaboration space - Trello + Slack

37. for use with a learner with additional needs

38. Embedding DL

39. Create an online community of learners

40. accessing resources

41. to assess current knowledge levels

42. interactive introduction to the unit content

43. To gather evidence to cover K&U criteria through discussions

44. gather evidence for assessment

45. Focus current events

46. Self assessment / marking automatically of skills through software simulations (please don't delete this one Richard!!)

47. access to MOOCS

48. building knowledge