Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership by Mind Map: Effective Leadership

1. Analyze Learners Characteristics

1.1. How?

1.1.1. Interviews for analyzing attitude, behavior etc.

1.1.2. Surveys for analyzing general attributes of your learners like age, academic abilities, gender, interests etc.

1.1.3. Pretest for analyzing things like learning styles, prior knowledge, competencies etc.

1.2. What?

1.2.1. Entry Behaviors

1.2.2. Prior Knowledge

1.2.3. Attitudes Toward Content/Delivery System

1.2.4. Academic Motivation

1.2.5. Education and Ability Levels

1.2.6. Learner Environment Online Classroom/Hall Outdoor

1.2.7. Learning Style Visual Audio kinesthetic

2. State Objectives

2.1. Degree

2.1.1. Advanced level of training for effective leadership will be given. It will be in detail and in-depth.

2.2. Audience

2.2.1. Senior Level Managers

2.2.2. Top Executives & Directors

2.2.3. Team Leaders of important teams

2.3. Behaviour

2.3.1. Coach others

2.3.2. Communicates effectively

2.3.3. Challenge Themselves

2.3.4. Inspires others

2.3.5. Delegates Tasks

2.4. Condition

2.4.1. Professional Setting

2.4.2. Organizational Context

2.4.3. One day training (5 hours)

3. Select, Modify or Redesign Materials

3.1. How?

3.1.1. Activity (1 hour) The Human Icebreaker (In the begining) Minefield (In the middle) The Human Knot (Towards the end)

3.1.2. Lecture (4 hour) PowerPoint BlackBoard

3.2. What?

3.2.1. Concepts (Know) Models Leadership Grid Four Framework Approach Situational Leadership The Four Pillars Horizontal/Flat Leadership Human Behaviour Expectancy Theory Hierarchy of Needs Theory X and Y Path Goal Theory Factors Social Leadership Leadership Styles Organizational Behaviour Communication

3.2.2. Skills (Do) Leading Direction Motivation Counselling Performance Teamwork Matrix Teams Team Leadership Model Visioning Sense Making Strategy & Tactics

3.2.3. Grow (Be) Character & Traits Ethics Learning Organization After Action Review Learn Train Change Leadership Learning Activities Diversity Mentoring Transformational Leadership

4. Require Learner Participation

4.1. Engage them in Activities

4.1.1. The Human Icebreaker (In the begining)

4.1.2. Minefield (In the middle)

4.1.3. The Human Knot (Towards the end)

4.2. Ask Questions

4.3. Give Breaks for 5-10 minutes (Every 60 minutes)

4.4. Encourage Note Taking

4.5. Encourage Doubts & Comments

4.6. Encourage Discussion with the trainer

5. Evaluvation

5.1. How?

5.1.1. Post test

5.1.2. Interviews

5.1.3. Group Discussion

5.2. What?

5.2.1. Did your session meet the learning objectives that you planned?

5.2.2. Can this session be improved? How?

5.2.3. Was your choice of tools (media and materials) a good one?

5.2.4. Is it possible that other technologies, devices, media, and materials would have done a better job?