Affects of the Great Crash on the US

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Affects of the Great Crash on the US by Mind Map: Affects of the Great Crash on the US

1. Post Crash

1.1. Economic Developments in the 30's

1.1.1. Unemployment Rose to 25% at its peak 11% of those unemployed were out of a job for 4 years or more Caused the creation of Shanty Towns Eventually subsidized by Roosevelt's New Deal Programs

1.1.2. Fall In Prices The Economy shrunk 50% in the first 5 years of the Depression Housing Prices fell Hundreds of banks failed Deflation of the American Dollar Decrease in Spending Caused American GDP to fall Caused many businesses to go bankrupt

1.2. Social Developments in the 30's

1.2.1. Agricultural workers increased, especially among the native population

1.2.2. Many people moved out west into the Dust Bowl

1.2.3. Increase in Organized Crime Bootlegging due to Prohibition Loan Sharks Bank Robberies Murder

1.2.4. Increase of FBI Jurisdiction Allowed to Carry firearms Allowed to make arrests

1.3. Political Change in the 30's

1.3.1. Cutting Costs Government Layoffs Support was only given to those needing it desperately

1.3.2. Paying Back and Taking Loans Economic Deficit caused reliance on other countries Loans were given out in hopes of making a profit after the depression

1.3.3. Many Working class organizations were formed A Socialist Party was formed Sought to help the intellectual middle class Saw a great deal of support just as the Depression started but withered during it A Communist Party was formed Sought to help the working class Never found as much support as the Socialist Party

2. Pre Crash

2.1. The Roaring 20's

2.1.1. Economic Boom Manufacturing Film Making Foreign Investment Consumer Debt Created from the Credit system Stock Market participation Increased

2.1.2. Prohibition Made the creation, consumption, and sale of Alcohol illegal

2.1.3. Freedoms for Women Flappers Women who broke the standards set for them Cut their Hair short Smoked Cigarettes Drank Alcohol Work Increased Education By 1930, 40% of college degrees were held by women Voting Rights Equal Rights for America Ensured equal rights for men and women in every way

2.1.4. Immigration Laws Limits were placed on annual immigration Many limits were based on Quotas from different regions Asians were outlawed from the US

2.1.5. The end of the Roaring 20's Began with the Stock Market crash