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Softball by Mind Map: Softball

1. Hitting

1.1. There is certain steps to follow in softball.

1.2. You have to get in a ready position and plant your feet for the ball.You always keep your head turned to the pitcher to watch the pitch.At the right pitch swing your bat outward.

1.3. Some people that has more practice when it comes to hitting a softball might not plant there feet the whole time. They might wait to the pitcher pitches and if they want to hit that pitch they will lift their front foot to put weight on the back foot so when they step they have more power.

2. Feilding

2.1. You will need a glove and and face mask.

2.2. When the ball is hit you wanna plant your feet until you see the ball. When you see the ball you charge it and use your glove to pick it up because it will be rolling very fast.You have a face mask to protect your face when the ball is rolling very fast.

2.3. Some people thats has more experence feilding a softball might not wear face mask. But they do it on there own risk.

3. Baserunning

3.1. Base ruining has many rules and techniques.

3.2. When your own base you have to take a lead when the ball when the leaves the pitcher hands.If you leave early you will be called out.

3.3. When your leaving first base you wanna look at the couch at third to see if your coach wants you to go.

4. Sliding

4.1. When you slide its only when you have to.

4.2. You only slide when your close to getting out.

4.3. When you slide you wanna slow down lean back stretch your legs out and kinda fall so you will slide to the bag.

5. Catching

5.1. A catcher basic job is to sit on their feet and catch the pitchers pitches.

5.2. catchers have more jobs then just catching pitch. They have to trow it when a runner try to run to a new bag what we call "stealing".

5.3. When the pitchers throws a bad ball and the catcher misses it she has to run and get it before the runner runs the a new bag.