Brook's Article

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Brook's Article by Mind Map: Brook's Article

1. The education system rewards only to people who takes part in their (homogeneous) culture.

1.1. Since most boys doesn't fit in to the culture the education wants them to take part of, they disengage and rebel.

2. Lacks discipline

2.1. Many boys lacks discipline due to many factors

2.2. "An article as far back as 2004 in the magazine Educational Leadership found that boys accounted for nearly three-quarters of the D’s and F’s."

2.3. Because of lack of discipline, "some colleges are lowering the admissions requirements just so they can admit a decent number of men. Even so, men make up just over 40 percent of college students. Two million fewer men graduated from college over the past decade than women. The performance gap in graduate school is even higher."

3. Decline in male performance may be to result from their past experiences

4. Cultural and moral matters